“Just as important as it is for me to be creatively and commercially successful, a key part of my job as a chef is to use food as a force for good. I advocate practices that are socially responsible, actively campaign for sustainability, provenance, food dignity, education, environment and fight against food waste and hunger. Also in today’s times, incorporating mindfulness and wellness is vital across every aspect of my work and way of life.” Alfred Prasad

Akshaya Patra Foundation : Alfred is honoured to be UK chef ambassador and is hugely inspired by their work. In India, they provide nutritious and free mid-day meals to primary school children, ensuring their education remains unaffected. Their work has a ripple effect with tangible/ intangible benefits to the young lives and their communities. Their UK program benefits school children battling holiday hunger and nutrition. In July 2019, along with celebrated Italian chef Francesco Mazzei, Alfred hosted ‘Moving Meals’, in aid of Akshaya Patra’s work in the UK. In August 2019, he embarked on his first Ride London 100, cycling 100 miles and raised over £5000 for Akshaya Patra’s holiday hunger initiative in the UK. On the occasion of World Food Day In October 2019, he was a panellist at the seminar organised by Akshaya Patra at the Indian High Commission in London. In May 2020, Alfred did the opening event of the 'We Shall Overcome’ Facebook live series to raise funds for meals for children impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Action Against Hunger delivers sustainable and far-reaching development programmes to vulnerable communities helping fight Food poverty. In October 2014, Alfred participated in the India Cycle Challenge along with other top chefs and food journalists. Together, the group raised over £120,000. They were able to visit villages in remote parts of the country and see first-hand the impact of Action Against Hunger’s work on their beneficiaries.

Food Cycle believes that food waste and food poverty must not co-exist and plays a key role in bridging that gap. Alfred volunteers at the Food Cycle hubs and also advocates prevention of food waste at the single unit level.

Fairtrade Foundation sets social, economic and environmental standards for both companies and the farmers and workers. This advocates protection of workers’ rights, fair prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, gender equality and impact on the environment. Alfred participates in their various initiatives and is a huge campaigner of their ethos.

Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens : Alfred’s love for nature, gardening and food come together at Kew. He is fascinated by their research and development work and role in plant heritage, preservation and research. He volunteers his time to raise funds and spread awareness of this incredible institution.

Slow Food UK : This global, grassroots organisation with supporters in over 150 countries, links the pleasure of food with a commitment to the community and environment. Alfred strongly promotes their vision and philosophy of provenance.

School Food Matters campaigns for fresh, sustainable school meals and delivers food education programmes to get children cooking, growing and out onto a farm. In 2020, Alfred has joined their efforts to engage with secondary school children in London, talking about healthy eating, cooking sensibilities and thinking out of the box.

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